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Announcing! Difficult Men: A Book for Women by a Man

By Dr. Joseph Koob

This book is for women – a positive, supportive work that will aid women in understanding men. It offers valuable information about men, as well as provides tools and skills that women can use in dealing with difficult men and difficult situations with men. Your choices might just be the catalysts that help begin to turn yours and someone else’s life around. Be a champion for yourself and for others! YOU are Woman! Live life OUT LOUD!

Dr. Koob is one of the foremost authorities and authors on “Understanding and Working with Difficult People.” His experience includes many years as a college educator, manager, U.S. Air Force Navigator, motivational speaker, and as a life and executive coach. A dynamic presenter, his down-to-earth style is popular with audiences throughout the world. Dr. Koob is founder and owner of Metacoach LLC and

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